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January 10, 2013
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Chapter 25: Surprise!
"What?!" All the guardians asked in unison, staring at [Name] as Jack explained what had happened.
Tooth flew over to [Name] and landed in front of her, "I'm happy to hear about your marriage, [Name], really..." it sounded like Tooth was forcing herself to be happy. "But, how did this happen to you...?"
[Name] lifted an eyebrow, didn't Jack just tell her this?
Bunnymund hopped over to get a good look at [Name]. "Well, you're no guardian, mate. But you definitely are immortal like the rest of us."
[Name] sighed and looked down at her pale skin. "I know, but--hey!" [Name] looked up at Bunny and smiled, "At least now I don't have to worry about aging and dying, right? That fixes my and Jack's problem."
Bunny smiled at her enthusiasm, "You're looking into this well, ankle biter, that's good."
"Ankle biter?" [Name] crossed her arms and pouted playfully, "I thought I was too old to be called that."
Bunny chuckled slowly and patted her head, "Compared to us you're a newborn baby."
[Name] sighed, "I'm physically 18 and so is Jack, what age are you, rabbit?"
Bunny rolled his eyes at her, "a Pooka don't have to tell his age if he don't want to." He began to hop away but looked back at her, "and I'm a bunny, not a rabbit. There's a difference, ya know."
Jack walked over to [Name] and lifted an eyebrow at her as North sighed, "You're getting more like Jack by the minute, [Name]"
"Is that necessarily a bad thing?" [Name] smiled and put a finger on a pole, causing frost to burst out from it. "I kinda like this new form, I've just got to get used to it."
North let out a deep laugh and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Why don't you go back home and let Jack teach you about your new powers?"
[Name] sighed, "Alright."
Jack smiled at the Guardians in farewell as he threw down the snow globe and led her back home.


[Name] held her breath as she concentrated on making frost sprout from her feet as she walked across a lake.
"Doing good!" Jack called from the middle of the lake.
[Name] snapped out of her concentration at the sound of his voice and fell off of her sheet of ice into the water.
She grunted in frustration as she surfaced again and pulled her wet hair out of her face. She looked over at the laughing Jack in exasperation.
[Name] sighed and froze the water around her to make a staircase back up to the top. "I think I'm getting it," she called over as the ice she made began to spiral out into the water in intricate designs.
She picked up her pace and jumped onto the shoreline, looking back at her creation as Jack landed next to her.
"Not bad," he commented, "we should head back now."
[Name] nodded and turned around to head back.
She brushed her hair behind her ear and cleared her throat, "So, Jack, I was thinking about this earlier."
"You sure do a lot of thinking." Jack playfully butted her with his staff before resting it against his shoulder.
[Name] smiled, but her face had a touch of pink to it as she played with the white tips of her hair. "Well... Now that we're both immortal..."
"Uh-huh?" Jack looked over at her, curious.
"Do you think having a baby would be possible now?"
Jack stopped in his tracks, his face turning bright red, "H-Hey, we haven't been married for THAT long." He nervously scratched the back of his neck. "W-Why are you already thinking of a baby? We wouldn't even know if it'd work!"
"We could try."
Jack's face turned redder and he ran to catch up with her, "M-Maybe not right now, I-I mean you still have to get used to your body and all..."
[Name] snorted and put her hand up to her mouth to keep herself from laughing too loudly, "you're so cute when you're flustered. Of course I don't mean right this second."
[Name] looked up at her house and noticed her window was open, and she managed to hover in the air to fly through it, "Want to play some games?"
"S-Sure!" Jack's face was still a bright red as he followed her into the house.
[[Editor's note: last chapter for now, until Laura writes a new one and I have the chance to edit and post them! Sorry guys~]]

Jack you're such a great husband


(Juuuust kidding, I'd be pretty awkward too if someone was talking about making babies like that XD so I don't blame him


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Fanfiction written by me
Editing by: ~ringonamida
Jack Frost belongs to dreamworks
Toothiana belongs to dreamworks
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