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January 3, 2013
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Chapter 15: Jacks fear
[Name] looked up at a clothing store as she walked in the town with Jack. She looked over to face him, "Do you ever wash your clothes?"
Jack lifted an eyebrow and sniffed under his arm, "Why, does it smell bad?"
[Name] giggled and butted him with her hip; "You know that's not what I meant!" she walked past the clothing store and looked out at the park fountain. "I just happened to notice you wear the same clothes all of the time."
Jack shrugged, "I haven't exactly thought of it." He floated over to her and sat down on top of the statue. "Jack, get down from there!" [Name] called up. She noticed his eyes went wide with shock and sadness for a second, and she wondered what she said. He drifted back down and muttered "sorry" before continuing to walk.
[Name] frowned and followed him, "Uh… Did I say something wrong?"
Jack looked over at her and just shook his head softly. He looked up in shock when a flame dancer appeared, performing a show in the middle of the park.
"Oh wow, a flame dancer!" [Name] gasped in awe, "I haven't seen one of those since I was a little girl! Want to go watch him, Jack—?"
[Name] looked over at Jack, who was rooted to place and shaking violently. "J—Jack? Are you alright?" [Name] lifted her hand to place it on his shoulder, but before should could he turned around and flew away back in the direction of her house.
"Jack!" [Name] called, and then looked back at the flame dancer, who was now staring at her strangely along with everyone watching him. [Name] lifted her hood to cover her head and began to run back towards her house.
[Name] ran into her house, seeing her mom was looking up the stairs with a confused expression. "Mom?" [Name] panted, "Did Jack come back here?"
[Name]'s mom looked over at her, "Yes… He did. Did something happen?"
[Name] shrugged, "I don't know, we saw a fire dancer and I asked him if he wanted to watch him, then he just froze and ran away."
"Well, he is made of ice…"
[Name]'s eyes widened, of course! Jack is made of ice... She shook her head and placed her palm on her head. "Aaagh… How could I forget that? Of course he would be scared of fire, excuse me."
Her mom stepped out of the way as [Name] ran up the stairs to her room, she entered the room to see Jack sitting in the corner, playing with a snowflake.
Jack looked up in surprise, the snowflake he was playing with disappearing into thin air. "What?" He muttered, looking away.
"I'm sorry."
He looked back at her again, confused. "Sorry for what?"
"I'm the one who asked you if you wanted to see the fire dancer…"
Jack looked away again, a scornful look on his face. "Y-you think I was scared of a little fire? Maybe I just didn't like the way people were staring at you for talking to thin air…"
This made [Name] angry, she took off her jacket and threw it down, walking over to squat down beside Jack. "First off," [Name] started sternly, "I know you better than that, Jack Frost. It's obvious you're scared of fire! You always stayed away from the fire place when we turned it on." She sighed when Jack looked back up at her in shock, but brushed it off and continued.
"Secondly, don't you ever, ever call yourself thin air again! Just because a few people don't believe in you doesn't make you useless. You can't get everybody to like you! Even I have people I don't like and that don't like me."
"Who doesn't like you?"
"A lot of people," [Name] placed her index and middle finger on her forehead. "Look, stop beating yourself up over all of this. So many children believe in you! Even I did when I was little, the only reason why I gave up believing was because you never showed yourself, nor did any of the other guardians. Adults don't believe because they feel like you guys abandoned them"
[Name] stopped when she realized Jack was looking away again, a small tear sliding down his left cheek. She sighed and grabbed his face, using her thumb to wipe away the tear. "Now that isn't my Jack."
Jack smiled and lifted his hand to place it on top of hers. "It just hurts."
"I know." [Name] sat down beside him, squeezing his hand tighter. "I'll always be there for you."
Jack smiled and looked out the window, thinking. You'll always be there for me, huh? That's a lie.
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Next Chap: [link]

For anyone who doesn't want to keep clicking "next chap", you can just go to my gallery and I have a folder that I keep the chapters in order for you so that you can just click your right arrow and move on c:
Have a nice day~

Okay so uhm.
Rin gave me this crazy idea that Jack would be a Arsonphobiac.
AKA Fire Phobia.
Like how did I not think of that.
Okay but here we go
don't worry romance isn't gonna dieee
there is gonna be a few sad chapters though
gotta keep it interesting yeah? Relationships aren't perfect.

better go do my homework now ugh


Fanfic written by me
Jack Frost owned by dreamworks
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